Best Moving Checklist For 2021

Moving can be a huge project, but when you have a readily available moving checklist before the movers arrive, things can get a lot smoother. Organizing your household belongings and getting rid of items you don’t need in advance will save you a lot on your moving price. Immediately you decide to relocate, you need to commence planning.

A move ensures you have the opportunity to have a fresh start, but if you refuse to organize your move, it can start becoming confusing.
To enjoy your move, you need to make a plan for success. First National Van Lines wants to partner with you through each step of the relocation process, so we compile a checklist to assist you to begin your next move.  

Here is our moving checklist for you:

Two Months Before Moving

  • Research  Designate time to familiarize yourself with your new community. You should check places like schools, restaurants, health care, shopping, and any other area of interest.
  • Make a budget: Figuring out your financial purposes in advance will save you some pain on the move. Set a time to make a moving budget to serve as your guide during your move.

Six Weeks before Moving

  • Inventory your items – Create a list of your important household possessions by category. This will be so much helpful when moving to account for everything you own. You can also use it to plan for the places you want your items to be positioned in your new home. When listing out items, focus on items you don’t need and try using it as a means to dispose of them.
  • Use it or dispose of it: You have just 6 weeks left, so you need to use your perishables. Determine to use up all your consumables before the move to reduce the shipment.
  • Research moving companies: This is the right time to determine how you want to move. Are you hiring a professional or doing it all by yourself? Begin to acquaint yourself with options as well as your budget. If hiring movers, First National Van Lines is trustworthy moving companies to handle any type of moves. We have many insured and licensed moving companies in our network, so you can be certain that your move will be performed by good hands.

1 Month before Moving

  • Choose your mover – This is one of the most vital aspects of your pre-moving tasks. Ensure you give yourself enough time when hiring a mover. Getting this done in advance will reduce the number of tasks on your list while preparing you for a successful move.
  • Start packing: You have no better time to pack than now. Make sure you have enough boxes, markers, and tape. First pack the items you don’t often use and work your way to items you frequently used to get closer to your moving day. Don’t forget to mark boxes clearly as you pack so that you know the content of each box. This also assists the movers set them in the right places at your new household.
  • Change address: Fill a change of address form to make sure you receive your mails at the new home after your move. As an additional step, ask your old neighbors to look out for any mail delivered at your old doorstep after you leave.
  • Plan to be off at work: If you are yet to do this, notify your workplace that you will need some time off at work for your move. That saves you from trying to maintain a balance between your work life and moving. Try taking a few days off work to ensure you have enough time to unpack.

Two Weeks before Moving

  • Inform businesses you’ll be relocating – Ensure you inform companies that use your home address to be aware of the change to it if they want to contact you. You should contact banks, credit card companies, or other finance-related companies.
  • Prepare the house: Designate time to make sure your house is in perfect shape for the next tenant. Any necessary repairs or issues with the property must be addressed now.
  • Start cleaning emptied rooms: You don’t have to wait till the room is empty before you clean it out. Clean as you pack. After packing everything in a room, perform a full sweep and clean as required.

1 Week before Moving

  • Pack a box of essentials – You are closer to the day. With many of your household belongings completely packed up, ensure you understand the things you need to live comfortably all through the final week in your home. These should only be items you frequently use.
  • Pack everything left: With just a week to go, ensure that only the items you are not packed up are items you use daily.
  • Confirm with movers: Contact your movers to ensure that our schedule is still in place. You don’t want to find out on your moving day that they are not coming.
  • Understand your plan: Make sure your plan is ready for your moving day. Understand the items to be moved first, and create a list of items to communicate to the movers immediately they show up

Moving Day

  • Clear a path – Ensure you have a clear path to and fro the moving boxes in your home. Endeavor to keep the items limited to a few areas as possible to get the move done quickly.
  • Help movers by taping names on doors – Make name cards to put on doorways in your new home. This will help the movers to quickly know where boxes are to be placed.
  • Ensure the old home is clean before you leave – Make sure the old home is clean before you leave, and turn off everything and make sure all doors are properly locked.

Enjoying your New Home

After you move in, all you have to do is enjoy your new home. Remember to get everything in working condition and get ready for any repairs that may be necessary to make. Now that you are done with that part, you can now start exploring the surroundings.

First National Van Lines is here to help you on each step of the Move

Choosing First National Van Lines means you have chosen movers who are determined to make your upcoming move a sweet experience. We gently ensure your belongings are treated with great care while offering quick service. We ensure your satisfaction with the move. Call us to obtain a moving quote or get a FREE on-site survey.